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One of the most stressful parts of dental treatment is billing. This is tough on many patients, and unfortunately, there are patients who are reluctant to get dental treatment because they are worried about how the billing will affect their finances. The bottom line is: the professionals at Airdrie Family Dental don’t believe that you should have to make a choice between getting your teeth taken care of and being able to feed your family. Our billing team is compassionate and ready to help you get the treatment you need while giving you the billing solutions helping you afford dental treatment.


Third-party PayBright plans are some of the best plans we work with at our office. These plans help the patient afford some of the more expensive procedures and allow us at the office to have greater billing options so that patients like yourself don’t have to deal with the stress of billing. The flexibility embedded in these plans is vast, and you can work with us to get the right payments along with having the plan itself cover most, if not all, of the procedures. Let our team know you have this plan, and we will structure everything to take maximum advantage of the plan.


Because there is lots of insurance in the Canadian marketplace, we understand how this could be stressful for patients. Dealing with all the different companies can be a headache, but it is one that our office gladly takes on. Our goal is ensuring that you have little to deal with in terms of billing. We bill the insurance companies directly and make sure to include everything needed for the insurance companies to pay the claims quickly and in full. Our team will help you with anything you need, the only time you may need to pay is if your plan has a deductible.

Some patients prefer to pay directly to our office. We can help structure payment plans so that you don’t need to worry about having enough money in the month to pay for treatment and your daily needs. Come and let us know how we can help, and we’ll gladly get you what you need.