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Amalgam-Free (Fillings)

Amalgam-Free Fillings in Airdrie AB

When it comes to your dental care, at Airdrie Family Dental, we are dedicated to providing you with safe, healthy and effective treatment options. For this reason, we proudly offer tooth-colored, amalgam-free dental fillings in Airdrie, AB for our patients that are suffering from tooth decay or cavity formation and are interested in a restorative option that is healthy, effective and attractive. Not sure if our amalgam-free fillings near you are the best option? Feel free to schedule a consultation with Airdrie Family Dental. We would be happy to evaluate your affected tooth to determine the best treatment option for you and your smile.

What is Amalgam?

For patients with a cavity, amalgam “silver” dental fillings were the only option when it came to tooth decay and cavities for many, many years. Recent research, however, has shown that dental amalgam fillings may contain mercury, a liquid metal that is toxic. When pressure or heat is applied, it is believed this mercury can actually leach out into the patient’s system.

About Our Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

At Airdrie Family Dental, we provide only the safest and healthiest treatment options. Our tooth-colored fillings in Airdrie are designed to blend with your existing smile, making the treatment virtually unnoticeable. Our white dental fillings contain no mercury or any other toxic ingredients, making them a healthy and safe option for your whole family.

Benefits of Amalgam-Free Dental Fillings

When it comes to treating tooth decay and cavities, our amalgam-free fillings have quite a few benefits over the alternatives:

  • Amalgam-free dental fillings contain no mercury or toxic ingredients.
  • Tooth-colored dental fillings are designed to match the patient’s tooth/smile.
  • Amalgam-free dental fillings are durable, with proper care they can last for years.

Get Airdrie Amalgam-Free Dental Fillings Today

Do you think that you or a loved one are having problems as a result of tooth decay? Interested in having your potentially toxic, amalgam dental fillings removed? Contact Airdrie Family Dental today to schedule an appointment with a dentist near Willowbrook and Old Town for teeth whitening or temporary tooth fillings in Airdrie, AB T4B 3G4. We are always welcoming new patients and would be happy to determine if you are a candidate for a temporary dental filling or other treatment options. We look forward to providing you with the dental care that you need.