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Dental Implants Airdrie

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    Here at Airdrie Family Dental, we care about your oral health. We are dedicated to helping you find the right solution to any of your dental needs. If you are missing one tooth or several teeth, we can discuss our Dental Implants option in Airdrie. It’s a permanent solution that gives your mouth security while you eat and speak. If you don’t know if Dental Implants in Airdrie are the right choice for you, speak to us today. We can discuss dental implant options with you.

    Dental implants are a newer restorative dentistry option which involves surgically attaching artificial tooth roots and crowns to the patient’s jawbone. With tooth implant dentistry, the dental implants are usually comprised of three parts, which include the implant, the abutment and the prosthetic restoration. The implant is a tiny, titanium post which is actually surgically attached to the jawbone and allowed to heal. Once healed, the abutment is then attached to the portion of implant exposed from the gums, allowing the prosthetic to be securely attached. The prosthetic restoration used to replace your missing teeth may vary, dental crowns may be used for single teeth, while a dental bridge, partial or full denture implants may be used in the event more teeth need to be replaced at once.

    Dental Implants in Airdrie

    Dental implants are an oral care solution to missing teeth. The procedure replaces the missing tooth with an artificial one. Tooth roots are replaced with metal posts, and the artificial tooth is screwed onto the post. This gives you security while talking and chewing, and looks like a real tooth. It functions just like a real tooth by giving your mouth structure and stability.

    Dental Implants Airdrie

    Dental Implant Airdrie, AB ($2200)

    Are you missing one, several or all of your teeth in either the top or bottom row? Tired of wearing partials or dentures to restore your missing teeth? Wishing there was a more secure and permanent option for missing tooth replacement? With implant dentistry, there is! At Airdrie Family Dental we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best dental care possible, which is why we are proud to offer dental implants in Airdrie for our patients with missing teeth that are interested in a secure and permanent restoration option. Not sure if you are a candidate for implant dentistry in Airdrie? Feel free to schedule an appointment with Airdrie Family Dental, we would be happy to evaluate your smile, gums and overall oral health to determine if dental implants are right for you.

    When should you opt for dental implants in Airdrie?

    If you have any missing teeth, you should consider dental implants. If you don’t want to get crowns, bridges, or dentures to replace a lost tooth, implants are another option. Replacing a lost tooth is important because if you don’t, the missing tooth can cause bigger problems later on. The gap from the missing tooth will cause your teeth to shift. Your teeth will shift, and your bite will change, causing the way your teeth come together, to change. Dental implants can stop the jawbone from deteriorating by supporting the jawbone and preserving it with the pressure given by chewing. If your work involves speaking publicly or dealing with people, dental implants can give you the confidence and security real teeth would.


    Benefits of Dental Implants in Airdrie

    There are an endless amount of benefits you can get from using dental implants. This solution for missing teeth can last a lifetime if you care for them properly. Implants can improve your oral health and reduce the risk of suffering bone loss. They can help you form your words correctly and more comfortably, resulting in improved speech.

    Dental implants look like actual teeth, so you can smile and not worry about what they look like. Your face and mouth structure will be improved, not only help your appearance but also reducing the chance of tooth loss in the future. You will not need dentures once you have implants, as implants are permanent.


    Dental implants look like actual teeth, so you can smile and not worry about what they look like. Your face and mouth structure will be improved, not only help your appearance but also reducing the chance of tooth loss in the future. You will not need dentures once you have implants, as implants are permanent.

    When it comes to replacing missing teeth and restoring the function, appearance and health of a patient’s smile, dental implants have various benefits including:

    • Dental implants are designed to look, feel and function like a real tooth.
    • Dental implants require no dietary restrictions.
    • Dental implants require no adhesives/pastes to stay in.

    Am I An Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants Airdrie?

    There is a small checklist of things you need to go through before getting implants.

    • You will need a healthy, strong jawbone.
    • You must have healthy gums.
    • Your teeth must be healthy.
    • You must have good bone density.
    • You need good oral care habits

    You may not be a good candidate for Dental Implants if you suffer from gingivitis, bone loss, or tooth abscesses. If you want implants but have experienced bone loss, you can look into bone grafting, which takes several weeks to heal before you can consider implants.

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    Dental Implants Procedure in Airdrie

    To prepare for getting dental implants in Airdrie, you will need to have a dental exam to evaluate your teeth and jaw. You will have x-rays and/or 3D images done. Your medical history will be reviewed, so make sure you reveal any medical issues, conditions, or medications you have. A treatment plan will be designed for your particular situation. Pain control and anesthesia options for surgery will be discussed with you.

    The procedure happens in stages, as healing is required between each procedure. The stages are as follows:

    • Preparation of jawbone and grafting if required
    • Placement of implant
    • Bone growth, healing
    • Placement of abutment
    • Placement of artificial tooth.

    A dental implant fits underneath your gum tissue and goes into your jawbone. It will heal and bond to the bone and gum. An abutment will be attached to the implant and then the replacement tooth is attached.

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    If you are missing one or more teeth, and it doesn’t matter if it is on the top or bottom row of teeth, we can help. You don’t need to wear dentures or get partials since we can help you get a permanent solution for your missing tooth. We care about each patient that comes through our doors and provides the best dental care possible. If you are interested in implants, but need to know more, or need to know if you are a good candidate, please call us today. We are here to help you and all your dental needs and look forward to booking your free consultation.

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