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Laser Gum Surgery

Laser Gum Surgery in Airdrie AB

At Airdrie Family Dental, we are dedicated to providing our community with the safest, healthiest and most effective dental care possible. For this reason, we are proud to offer laser dentistry in Airdrie, including laser gum surgery. Although lasers have been approved in dentistry for over 20 years, recent advancements in the dental field have recently made them an extremely popular option for gum infection, reducing gums, gingivitis, and gum disease treatment. Have you been told that you need to have periodontal surgery? Interested in a safer, more effective and more comfortable option? Schedule an appointment with Airdrie Family Dental today. We would be happy to provide an evaluation to determine if laser gum surgery in Airdrie is the right option for your smile and overall oral health.

About Laser Gum Surgery

Laser gum surgery is actually quite similar to traditional gum surgery. However, laser technology is used instead of manual tools. Utilizing laser technology actually makes the entire process easier, more effective and safer than traditional surgery. Laser technology is actually capable of sanitizing and cauterizing as the procedure is performed, reducing the risk of bleeding gums during and after your procedure. Patients are also at a reduced risk for other complications following surgery and often have a much quicker and more comfortable recovery time.

Why Laser Gum Surgery?

When it comes to oral surgery, laser dentistry is a wonderful option for any patient. It reduces the amount of time the procedure takes, makes the procedure more precise, makes the procedure safer and can even greatly reduce recovery time. Patients also enjoy the fact that no sutures or stitches need to be removed following the treatment.

Getting Laser Gum Surgery in T4B 3G4

Getting laser gum surgery is just like any other surgery. However, a beam of intense light is being used. Prior to your surgery, your mouth and the area will be completely prepared, allowing your dentist to focus on the area.

Schedule Airdrie Laser Gum Surgery Today

Interested in laser gum surgery in Airdrie, AB? Contact Airdrie Family Dental near Old Town and Willowbrook today for a consultation on this gum disease cure. We would be happy to evaluate your gums and overall oral health to determine if laser dentistry is the right option for you.