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Teeth Whitening Airdrie

Teeth Whitening in Airdrie AB

Have you been looking in the mirror or at pictures wishing your smile was brighter? Now, there is an option for you that whitens teeth without causing damage to the enamel. You can whiten teeth either at home or in the dentist’s office – both options can provide noticeable and lasting results. Don’t let a dull smile hold you back from being the center of attention. If you have crowns or composite material on your teeth, they will not whiten with bleach. Keep these areas clean with regular brushing and flossing.

In-Office Whitening

Your Airdrie Family Dental dentist in Airdrie can have your teeth brighter than they have ever been. The bleach solution used in your dentist’s office is much more concentrated than store-bought kits or at-home trays. The longer bleach stays on teeth, the whiter they will become. However, you have to be careful not to leave it on for too long. This can cause problems with teeth, which makes it much safer to get whitening done at your local Airdrie Family Dental office.

Dental whitening in the office takes anywhere from half an hour to an hour for results to be seen. During that time, teeth can become brighter by up to 8 shades – but this depends on your teeth and how deeply the stains are embedded. You can also opt for a 2-hour whitening appointment that is done once to bring amazing results to the enamel of teeth.

At-Home Whitening

There are several ways to whiten teeth at home. Your dentist will provide you with multiple options and the best one for you will be determined based on the needs of your teeth.

  • Whitening gel: This is applied to teeth with a strip that folds over teeth. It often must be used twice daily for several weeks, but the results may not be as long-lasting.
  • Whitening toothpaste: Toothpastes remove stains from teeth with agents that scrub away stains and discoloration without bleaching.
  • Avoid dark beverages: Dark foods and liquids can lead to stains on the enamel of teeth. These include coffee, sodas, and wine.

You can whiten your teeth in the office or in the comfort of your home with Airdrie teeth whitening in T4B 3G4. Book an appointment with a laser teeth whitening dentist near Willowbrook and Old Town online today.