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The Process of Receiving Porcelain Veneers

The Process of Receiving Porcelain Veneers

Oct 01, 2019

Have you ever been dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth but don’t have any major cosmetic issues like an overbite or underbite? Have you gone through the process of regular orthodontic care with braces and jaw expanders, but still feel self-conscious about your smile? If so, it might be a good idea to seek out the application of porcelain veneers from a dentist near you.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Most people have received some form of general dentistry, also called preventive dentistry, which is the field where professionals focus on cleaning and examining the teeth on a regular basis to ensure serious oral health conditions don’t develop. Fewer people visit a dentist for cosmetic dentistry near them, which focuses on fixing minor physical errors like chips, cracks, and discoloration.

Porcelain veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry. A veneer is a thin shell that is made for an individual and then cemented to the front teeth. They are designed to cover cosmetic errors and create a complete smile that is whiter, brighter, and often features teeth that are straighter or more evenly shaped. Veneers can be used to fix or correct a variety of features that you might perceive as problems, including:

  • Small gaps between the teeth
  • Minor chips and cracks that don’t affect the function of the teeth
  • Teeth that are longer or shorter than the rest
  • Permanent discoloration
  • Teeth that are jagged or uneven
  • Mineral patches on the enamel

Porcelain veneers are made from sturdy ceramic and designed to be extremely thin. They are shaped according to a patient’s specifications before being bonded to the surface of the teeth. They protect the enamel underneath and can last for twenty years when properly cared for, resulting in a beautiful smile.

How to Receive Veneers

To receive porcelain veneers, the first step is to research cosmetic dentistry near you, or sometimes even a walk in dentist near you who is willing to give you an appointment and consultation. During the initial consultation with your dentist, they will take x-rays of your mouth and determine whether or not you have a healthy alignment that can support the veneers. The dentist will also examine your teeth to check for decay, which no one wants trapped under the veneers.

After the initial exam, the dentist will sit down and discuss what you would like the veneers to look like. This could include some whitening, creating squarer teeth, or even covering cracks and chips without doing repeated treatments of dental bonding.

If you agree to have the veneers placed, then the dentist will numb your mouth and carefully remove 1/8 mm. of the enamel from the teeth that will be covered. This is to create enough space for the veneers and to ensure the veneers do not disrupt or shift your current bite alignment. After the enamel is removed, a mold is made of your teeth. The dentist might then give you temporary veneers to protect your teeth.

After two weeks, the permanent porcelain veneers will be done at the dental lab and you can return for a second appointment. The dentist will professionally clean your teeth to ensure no decay or plaque is stuck underneath the appliance. They then apply a form of dental bonding cement to the teeth and affix the veneers. After some final minor adjustments, the veneers are firmly fixed in place and will be ready to use.

The process of taking veneers can vary from taking two weeks to sometimes taking several months if you have underlying dental issues that need treatment. Once the veneers are in place, they function like regular teeth but are not prone to regular decay from plaque and tartar. The only catch is that they can chip or crack if you chew on hard materials like ice cubes or nuts on a regular basis, so be careful!

Porcelain Veneers Near You

Someone seeking a dentist in Airdrie, Alberta can visit Airdrie Family Dental today, located in the old town. This dentist office near you focuses on cosmetic and restorative dentistry and features a skilled staff capable of addressing your veneer needs. For more information, make a call and schedule an appointment today to receive a consultation.