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Tips for Speeding Up Root Canal Recovery

Tips for Speeding Up Root Canal Recovery

Aug 16, 2019

If you or a family member have recently had root canal therapy in Airdrie, you may be looking for some tips to help during the recovery period. Fortunately, a root canal procedure sounds more frightening than it actually is. This means the recovery period should not be much more than what your dentist in Airdrie has already prepared you for. But for those of you looking for additional tips, the following information may be beneficial.

First Things First: Straight After Your Procedure

There may be some minor pain and swelling immediately following your procedure. Your dentist more than likely provided some post-procedure instructions for you to follow. But in case you’ve misplaced those and cannot reach your dentist, there are a few things that you should be doing. First, make sure that you keep your head elevated and don’t eat right away. This is also an excellent time to gargle with warm salt water and take any pain medication that may have been prescribed or recommended.

Ice Cream Can Help in Your Recovery

Yes, you read that correctly! Cold therapy – which includes eating ice cream or using a cold compress – can help minimize inflammation and keep potential infections at bay. For those of you who are looking for an excuse to eat ice cream, it’s your lucky day. For those of you who want to avoid the extra calories or carbs, an ice pack will work just as well! The main takeaway here regarding what to eat and what not to eat is that you should try to avoid anything that could cause inflammation, which also means you should try to avoid strenuous activity for a couple of days.

Call Your Dentist If You Are Worried

When you know what to expect after root canal treatment in Airdrie, the recovery time will fly by. But you should call your dentist if you’re worried about symptoms that seem unexpected.

Looking for Ways to Avoid Root Canal Therapy in the Future?

To make sure that you maintain your oral health and are alerted to early signs of dental concerns such as decay and gum disease, it’s recommended that you undergo a routine dental exam and professional teeth cleaning in Airdrie at least twice a year. This way, the caring and professional staff at Airdrie Family Dental will be able to identify and treat any early symptoms of conditions that typically lead to root canal therapy.